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Mild Steel

Our Mild Steel division operates on sales purely based upon the production capacity offered by our ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG mill in Germany, primarily selling to service centres and third party processors.

Wide coils in mild & carbon steel qualities

Products: Hot rolled
  Cold rolled
  Zinc coated
  Organically coated
Typical Applications: Automotive OEMS & press workers
  Building industry
  Domestic appliances
  General steelwork

Precision tolerance narrow strip

Products: Hot rolled
  Cold rolled
  High strength & carbon steel grades
Typical Applications: Automotive
  Safety critical parts
  Hot stamping


SteelOnline – The personal customer portal

SteelOnline is the personal, innovative customer portal for all you need to know. Transparency. From order creation to invoicing.

SteelOnline offers a variety of practical applications. Individual information & data tailored to your needs, optimisation of paperwork and the service is available in five different languages.

Order/article progress

Daily access to order and article data which are updated daily.

Material ready for dispatch

A topical overview is always available; from your material ready for dispatch to the batch level. Automatic updates every 2 hours.

Material call

Specify and transfer your delivery requirement online.

Material shipped

Delivery not details and varied information on your material deliveries.


Access to current and past ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe order documents.